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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

PHA Lecture Series on Special Topics in Philippine History and Historiography

Philippine Historical Association


Talking Points in History:

Jose Rizal, Historical Controversies, and the Multi-Disciplinal World

(PHA Lecture Series on Special Topics in Philippine History and Historiography)

El Cielito Inn, Baguio City

1 February 2013


  • to strengthen the teaching of the Rizal Course
  • to give an update on the latest findings with regard selected controversies and fallacies in Philippine History
  • to present multi-disciplinal, non-traditional and multi-media strategies in teaching history
  • to highlight the significance of culture, heritage and art in the teaching of history
  • to enrich the History, Social Studies and Social Science curriculum through innovative ideas and teaching methods

 7:30-8:30                     Registration

 8:30                             OPENING CEREMONIES
                                     National Anthem
                                    Community Singing
                                    Prof. Jerome A. Ong

                                 Welcome Remarks
                                    Dr. Celestina P. Boncan

                                    Introduction of Participants
                                    Prof. Jerome A. Ong

8:45-9:30                     Teaching Rizal in the Classroom
                                    Dr. Estrellita T. Muhi

9:30-10:15                   Controversies and Fallacies Resolved by the National Historical                                                      Commission of the Philippines
                                   Dr. Celestina P. Boncan

10:15-10:30                 OPEN FORUM and BREAK

EMCEE:                     Prof. Jerome A. Ong

10:30-11:15                 Learning History through Primary Documents
                                    Dr. Arleigh D. Dela Cruz        

11:15-12:00                 Learning History through Gender Sensitivity
                                    Prof. Mary Dorothy dL. Jose                                           

12:00-12:15                 OPEN FORUM

EMCEE:                     Dr. Celestina P. Boncan

12:15-1:45                   LUNCH

                                    Film Showing “Sakay”

1:45-2:30                     Learning History through Multi-Disciplinal Approach
                                    Prof. Jerome A. Ong

2:30-3:15                     Learning History through Museums and Libraries
                                    Prof. Ferdie Paggao

3:15-3:30                     OPEN FORUM and BREAK

EMCEE:                     Dr. Arleigh D. Dela Cruz

3:30-4:30                     Learning History through Culture, Heritage and Art
                                    Prof. Arnulfo N. Esguerra

4:30                             CLOSING CEREMONY
                                    Closing Remarks
                                    Dr. Arleigh D. Dela Cruz

                                    Distribution of Certificates of Participation

EMCEE:                     Prof. Mary Dorothy dL. Jose

A registration fee of Two Thousand Pesos (PhP 2,000) shall be charged every participant inclusive of snacks, lunch conference kit, and certificate of participation.
Interested participants may contact Dr. Celestina P. Boncan at the Department of Social Sciences, University of the Philippines Manila, (02) 522-5208 local 111 or telefax (02) 516-3227 or at or visit the PHA blog at