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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Detalye ng PHA Lakbay-Aral sa Cavite sa September 19

September 19, 2009

Places to visit:
1. Kawit
a. Battle of the Binakayan Shrine
b. Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine
2. Rosario
a. Site of the Tejeros Convention
3. Naic
a. Casa Hacienda de Naic
4. Maragondon
a. Bonifacio Trial House
b. Mt. Nagpatong

Proposed itinerary:

6:00am ----------------------------- Assembly time
6:30 ---------------------------- Departure time
9:00 ----------------------------- Arrival in Kawit
· Battle of the Binakayan Shrine
· Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine
10:00 ------------------------------ Departure going to Rosario
11:00 ------------------------------ Arrival in Rosario, Cavite
· Site of the Tejeros Convention
12:00 ------------------------------ Lunch
1:00 ------------------------------ Departure going to Naic
1:30 ------------------------------ Arrival in Naic
· Casa Hacienda de Naic
2:30 ------------------------------ Maragondon Trial House
3:30 ------------------------------ Mt. Nagpatong Shrine
4:30 ------------------------------ Departure back to Manila
6:30 pm ------------------------------ ETA in Manila

(Maraming salamat po sa tulong ng LINANGAN TOURS --