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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Ayala Museum is known as both an art and history museum. The permanent exhibitions such as The Diorama Experience, the maritime vessels, and the Crossroads of Civlizations exhibitions on the fourth floor galleries where permanent displays on pre-colonial gold, 18th to 19th-century Philippine costumes and trade vessels from China and Southeast Asia are complemented by exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, as well as by traveling exhibitions from various countries.

Beginning June to September, Ayala Museum will launch a new education program, History Comes Alive with Ambeth Ocampo. This lecture series will begin on June 26 and will continue until September. Chair of the National Historical Institute, Ambeth Ocampo presents history with a combination of wit and rigorous research, making him the most popular and widely-read historian today.

The first lecture on June 26 will focus on pre-colonial Philippine Society to be held at Ground Floor Lobby of Ayala Museum at 10:30AM. The inaugural presentation will be followed by: a presentation on July 24 at 3:00PM on the Philippine-American War, a presentation on August 14 at 3:00PM on the Malolos Congress, and a September 18 presentation on the Katipunan at 3:00PM.

For more information on this series, please call 757-7117 to 21 local 29 or email

Reserve seating available. Please call to reserve seats.