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Monday, February 7, 2011

Instructional Material on the Victory of Filipino Veterans Now Available

Was Japan the only country that must be blamed for the destruction of Manila, the second most-destroyed allied city in the World during the war, in 1945?  Was it the Americans the only ones who saved and liberated the country during that time?  Were the Filipino soldiers losers, bit players and unwilling victims during this war?

TAGUMPAY:  Ang Imahe ng mga Beterano at Bayaning Pilipino noong Digmaang Pasipiko focuses on the not so highlighted contributions of Filipino Veterans in the victory against the Japanese Occupation, using the Filipino perspective.  The 30-minute documentary was written, scripted and directed by PHA VP Xiao Chua, with the UST Educational Technology Center and funded by the Department of National Defense through thePhilippine Veterans Affairs Office.  The documentary was reviewed by Prof. Ricardo Trota Jose, Ph.D. and was first shown at the "Images of Valor and Victory: A Conference on World War II and Filipino Heroism" last 5 March 2010 at Camp Aguinaldo.  PVAO has requested the PHA to make available this one of a kind instructional material for the educational use of teachers, students and the general public in anticipation of the commemoration of the ARAW NG KAGITINGAN on 9 April 2011.  Just search PHA & PVAO DOCU: TAGUMPAY in