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Friday, June 24, 2011

Learning from the Past: Workshop for Social Science Teachers and History Enthusiasts

In celebration of Independence Day and Rizal’s 150th birthday, social science teachers and history enthusiasts are invited to this lecture on reading and teaching history. The seminar will focus on developing simple and fun activities for the social studies classroom.

The workshop will be held at, and with the support of, Lopez Memorial Museum and Library. Facilitator Dr. Celestina Boncan (former president of the Philippine Historical Associate, and official spokesperson of the National Historical Institute regarding Philippine historical controversies) has provided us with the course outline:

Module 1: Focus on Content

Session One: Controversies and Fallacies in Philippine History
Session Two: Heroes and the Heroic Tradition
Module 2: Focus on Research

Session One: Learning History and Social Studies through Documents
Session Two: Learning History and Social Studies through Natural Sites and Built Structures

Contact Ergoe through 352-6765 local 119 or ergoe [at] to request registration forms and for any other concern. Visit