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Monday, July 25, 2011

PHA 2011 Annual Conference

Philippine Historical Association 2011 Annual Conference

Theme: History and the Other Social Sciences
1. Dr. Maria Serena Diokno
2. Dr. Ambeth R. Ocampo
3. Dr. Evelyn A. Miranda
4. Dr. Celestina P. Boncan
5. Prof. Jerome A. Ong
6. Prof. Arleigh Ross Dela Cruz
7. Prof. Michael Charleston B. Chua
8. Prof. Jonathan Balsamo
9. Dr. Estrellita Muhi
10. Dr. Teofista Vivar

Date: September 15-16, 2011

Venue: National Historical Commission of the Philippines, TM Kalaw Street, Manila

Registration Fee: Php 2,500.00

For details and confirmation, contact:

Dr. Evelyn A. Songco
Assistant to the Rector for Student Affairs
University of Santo Tomas
Telefax: 731-2985

Jonathan C. Balsamo
Head for Historical Education
Heroes Square Heritage Corporation
Telefax: 421-0993

Registration Fee: